Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Soggy Calves To Sunshine!

We had a very wet spring, to say the least. If it had only rained, that would have been one thing. However, during one stretch, the rain was accompanied by a cold wind over nearly five days. That kind of weather is hard on any newborn critters even if they do have a hairy coat like the yak-crosses. We brought the mamas with their little ones into the barn and squeezed them into every available space we could find. It was a full house. Then to feed and water them all, well that was a chore!


Lucy the barn cat had trouble figuring out what was going on with all these creatures who were invading "her" space.

This is what some of the over-saturated well-trodden areas of earth looked like afterwards...

Thankfully, that passed. The cow-calf pairs went back out to pasture and things started to warm up, albeit slowly.

We held our branding with some help from family and neighbours, then hauled the cow-calf pairs out to pasture several miles away and now the little ones aren't so little anymore. In fact, they are growing like weeds. One of these days I will manage to get out there with my camera so I can share some photos.

Now that the weather has improved,
the next order of business is to get the haying done. 
You know how the old saying goes.... you've got to

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