Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fall Freezer Fiesta!

We have the following cuts available:
- New York Strip Steak $16/lb
- Rib Steak $12/lb
- Sirloin Steak $12/lb
- Prime Rib Roast $15/lb
- Eye of Round Roast $10/lb
- Round Roast $9/lb
- Tenderloin $18/lb
- Ground $7/lb
- Hamburger Patties (Plain) $9/lb
- Jerky Stix $14/lb
- Smokies $14/lb
- Garlic Sausage $14/lb
- Soup Bones $3/lb
For every $100 of cuts purchased, you get 1 free package of ground, while supplies last.

Also taking orders on:
- Sides - $4.20/lb
- Front quarters - $4.20/lb
- Hind quarters - $5.00/lb
- Mixed quarters (all the cuts from a side evenly divided in two) - $4.20/lb
Based on hot hanging weight - includes slaughter, cutting and wrapping.
Extra processing such as sausages or patties will be charged extra.