Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Tribute To The Yak Bull

This past weekend, we said goodbye to the Yak bull we've owned for the last six years. He was a nice bull, overall. He would pick fights with our Angus and Galloway bulls, and yes, he gave them some injuries, but then why have that impressive headpiece if you can't use it now and again? He didn't like to be in tight spaces but when he was, it was the only time he would get cranky with us. However, running him through the chute was required at times and he always managed to maneuver his head down the alley so he never got stuck. He knew what he had for a crown. 

In any case, he is a majestic creature and we can't help but give him some respect, admire his good looks and thank him for the great babies over the years.

Here are some photos and video we took of his last morning out in our pasture. We trust he's enjoying his new home where he has 1,000 acres to roam!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Now that spring is finally here in full force, we've been busier than the proverbial bee trying to make a dent in the mile long "to do" list. In the middle of it all, we are calving. Here are a few of the newest additions.

We had to bring the cow/calf pairs in to the barn for a
few days due to some nasty weather.

It's very difficult to find some of the calves when their
mamas hide them in the grass!

A successful catch.

A first time mama, wondering what is going on
with that foreign object attached to her baby!

Tagging the newborn while mama strains to see what is happening.

Adjusting the new "earring" while getting an earful from mama.

Happy Mother's Day!