Saturday, January 16, 2021

Number 14 - Happy 20th Birthday to the Grand Old Mother

We had a set of yak-cross twin heifer calves born on August 15, 2001. 

Both calved in 2003, entering our cow herd.

The red heifer, who became number 14, didn't like the idea of becoming a mother at first. She jumped out of her stall in the barn because she wanted nothing to do with her calf. With some patience and convincing, she finally accepted it.

Both twins were in our cow herd for many years.

Number 14 has produced 18 calves so far; 
some of her daughters have also entered our cow herd.

This year old number 14 calved very late, 
producing a heifer calf born January 6, 2021.

Once again this heifer will be a keeper.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

2020 Calving Season

The 2020 calving season at Springridge Ranch is winding down. 
Lots of new babies on the ground and the grass is coming good!

Yak-cross cow and calf

 Yak-cross cow and calf

Yak-cross cow and calf

Yak-cross cow and calf

Purebred yak cow and calf

 Purebred yak cow and calf

Purebred yak cow and calf

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cooking Yak-Cross Beef

Yak-cross beef can be used in place of your favorite beef recipes, however, don't overcook yak meat (use slower cooking methods - never microwave) and use a thermometer rather than a timer. 

Click on the following link for more cooking tips:

International Yak Association

Click on the following links which have a variety of beef recipes where you can substitute yak-cross beef:

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Happy eating!